Enalia’s aesthetical presence grasps your attention immediately.Its excellent location provides privacy and relaxation, as it is “embraced” by a huge garden literally steps from the Ikarian Sea.

The stylish simplicity of Enalia’s laid back accommodations are set within 80cm walls, where the stones were cut by hand and carried on donkeys back then.

Here you will swim as many times in the day as you feel, since we are actually one minute(!) walk from the beach. Your door opens in a sunny garden.A mulberry ‘giant’, at least five centuries old, stands guard by the pergola where you may pause to contemplate…

On the other side of the garden, you can rest on a higher terrace to absorb amethyst-peach sunsets melt into the sea or simply listen to the sound of the water on the pebbles, as the sea breeze reaches the shoreline.

Within a ten minute walk from Enalia you are at the Port of Ayios Kyrykos as well as the main square, where you find all you need.

Sitting on the unique (three tons) granite bench of the garden at night, you fall in love with the Aegean observing the moon’s specks of silver trace a path on the sea. At sunrise, in your own space outside, savor your coffee and allow nature’s energy to embrace you.

Returning from the beach, shower in a designated area, before you lie on the hammock in a quiet corner of the garden.

Add more pleasant memories and experiences vacationing at Enalia by riding a bike to the nearby village. In the section Matters to Consider, please read our Policy regarding Non Liability by Enalia’s ownership in case of accident.

Above all, feel at ease contacting us in a health emergency.We may be able to assist with communication.Your hostess converses in English, Spanish, French, Italian and the Hellenic language.

By the way, you may water the flowers, if you so desire. Guarantee they will bloom to thank you!

ENALIA means: at, of, in the sea. ΕΝ ΑΛΣ in ancient Greek.